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If at any point I ever say to you, “Oh yeah, that’ll just take a few hours, no problem!” and I’m referring to painting an exterior porch where you also need to tear off old screening and prime the wood before painting, you have my permission to promptly tell me I’m full of it.

B didn’t do that, and now that’s the very mess we’re in.

But that’s a story for another day. Today, you’re getting what I happen to have (finally) taken pictures of, which is the sun room. Until recently the sun room (one of the rooms we bought the house for, we loved it so much), was pretty empty.


We did eventually move our outdoor furniture inside so that there was a place to sit, but it wasn’t much.kitchen-after3 kitchen-after2 kitchen-after1Soon after we moved in, we spotted a couch with a chaise at World Market and loved it. That said, we didn’t want to chock over $700 for it. So we waited. And saved. And horded gift cards like we do. Finally, we were able to pair some coupons, savings, and a great sale to get both the couch and a jute rug for only $30 out of pocket. Huzzah! Patience is king.

So here’s what the room looks like now. Some of the color is off in the photos, but the first photo is the most accurate. (The couch is a charcoal color.)


It’s a smidge crowded between the couch and the bookshelf, but we’re not quite sure where that bookshelf is going to “live” permanently, so right now it’s staying there. The problem is relocating my growing collection of cookbooks…to where? B has suggested getting some white glass-front Ikea bookshelves for that spot, which would brighten it up and be functional. (There is enough room to remove a book from the back shelves; it looks closer than it is.)sunroom1 sunroom3

The outdoor furniture will eventually go back outside. We plan to add a coffee table (maybe round) and a big chair (maybe white) to finish the space off. Right now the plan is for Scout’s crate to stay in the back corner where it is in the photos. It works well there, convenience wise, and having it on tile is a bonus. Other items this rooms still needs: Two matching light fixtures, working blinds (half are broken. Actually, half the blinds in the entire house are broken. We counted), and maybe window treatments.sunroom4This impromptu gallery wall is a collection of items that we’ve given each other and received from friends. We have a few more to add to complete it.

Other than getting some furniture in place, we’ve been working on the porch and yard.

yard1We Craig’sListed the playset (free if you’ll come get it) without expecting much reaction. Boy, were we wrong! I had to remove the listing after an hour or two because my inbox was flooded. Fifty emails later, a family of two is going to give her a good home, leaving us with the other half of our yard freed up…and some dirt in need of grass.

Our Bradford Pear trees put on a beautiful show for about a week before shedding all their petals into the yard.

yard petalsAnd the trees we adopted on National Arbor Day started to sprout some leaves!

yard2The front yard gave us some surprise gifts too.

front yard tulipAnd yet, there is plenty more for us to do in the yard. To say we have very little grass in front and back would be an understatement. What green we have is entirely weed. We have no grass. And a much stricter neighborhood covenant about keeping your yard pretty. So, we’ll be working hard on that this season.

Maybe now that we’re a bit more settled in we can get back to posting more. Here’s a look at some of the projects we have planned (and will, pinky promise, post about):

  1. Un-screening, painting (in progress), and rescreening the back porch
  2. Painting the living room
  3. Renovating the powder room (wainscotting and a cool hand-painted pattern on the walls!)
  4. Painting the laundry room something fun
  5. Refinishing the floor in the screened-in porch (probably with Behr’s DeckOver again)
  6. Ripping up the unstable back patio stones, releveling the ground, laying a weed barrier, and relaying the patio stones
  7. Lights! New lights! (Please, for the love of God, let us get some new lights.)
  8. Hardwoods! (Now I’m just dreaming.)
  9. A pool! (Dream big!)

Until next time!