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Man, do we ever owe you guys an update. I promise life has kept us busy, but I’m snagging a free moment to give you an update on the studio space over the garage (otherwise known as a FROG: furnished room over garage).

Here’s the before:


I wish that I had been able to photograph the blue wall color more accurately. When I tell you it was bold, I really mean it. This lighting makes it appear much softer than it was.office3 office2 office1These photos were taken right after we moved in and were in the midst of unpacking things. The two shelves on the wall (above) were left by the previous owner, so we just threw some stuff up on them to keep it off the floor.

In progress shots:

studio-during1 studio-during2 studio-during6accent-wall6accent-wall11And here is where the room is now, after two coats of primer and two coats of Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray color-matched to Behr’s paint and prime in one in the eggshell finish.

studioafter1 studioafter2

This room is predominantly used for my printing studio, which is what the table on the right is (which B built for me, back in the day). The brown end table you see is the station where I package orders, so thus all the stacks of stuff.studioafter3This little table belonged to B’s grandparents and now sits in a dormer window. I use the beautiful light the dormer has to photograph the cards I print. The orchid is a new addition, a gift from a friend for the new job I’m starting next week. I’m hoping this spot will work for it—and that I don’t kill it. The doors to the storage areas under the dormers need to be painted white, or maybe Edgecomb Gray to match the wall…studioafter4This was our big project: the accent wall. We used a stencil from Royal Design Studio, and though I love how it turned out, it was a lot of work! I think our slanted walls and window made it a big challenge. That being said, it’s the first wall you see when you come up the stairs and look at this room, so it has great impact for not a lot of financial investment (imagine the cost of a pretty wallpaper to cover this entire wall!).

And if you’re curious, that’s the press that I make my cards on. It’s from 1884 and entirely hand-run! She may be small, but she’s a workhorse, still chugging along after 129 years.studioafter5 studioafter6 studioafter7This is the view from the hall, so you can see the impact of the gallery wall. We owe you a post on the accent wall, so stay tuned!