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The master ceiling is blue/green no more! I say “blue/green” because I call it green and B calls it blue. You be the judge. Either way, it’s white now.




B found some primer in the garage and went to work one night. He rolled two coats of primer before painting a coat of Behr’s white ceiling paint.


Other updates: a new bed, which was an early Christmas gift from B’s parents combined with a 25% off sale and a great coupon. It’s taller than our old bed, not because of the bed but because of the mattresses. Mattress shopping was a big learning curve. We ended up having to swap out the box spring we bought for a low-profile box spring so that I could get into the bed without having to climb. Every person we talked to said the same thing: “Well, they make mattresses taller than they used to.” Noted.master6

Because of various factors, our end tables don’t match right now. And I didn’t really stage these photos (not that I stage any photos), as evidenced by the fact that I now see how crooked my lamp shade is and that B has some random white poles next to his end table. Honestly, if I can take photos without tripping over the cat and the dog and any time of day before midnight, it’s a win.

The pillows were made by B’s mom, and used to be in our old kitchen’s sitting area. Because that furniture is now on the screened-in porch, we found these pillows a new home. We didn’t want them to get covered in pollen and dirt outside, and the fabric isn’t outdoor fabric. (It’s Braemore Gorgeous Pearl.) They actually ended up matching our quilt perfectly, so we lucked out. They’re the same fabric that she used to make the curtains too (below), so we have inadvertently ended up looking rather put together. master5

As you can see, the walls still have the texture on them. A reader commented a few days ago with a lot of great info for us regarding these walls. She suggested that they might be Venetian plaster, an expensive finish. This prompted me to do some research. Though I don’t think we have Venetian plaster, which looks like this…

venetian-plaster-walls-with-lots-of-texture(Image via Mackenzie Collier Interiors)

…I do think we have a sand texture.


Apparently some paints can come with sand texture added to them. Our walls don’t appear to have a very heavy coat of it. I have only done some cursory research regarding removing the texture, but even with that little reading, I’m not sure we’re going to bother trying to remove it.master3The color isn’t bad and coordinated with our things, so though we wouldn’t have chosen the texture to begin with, I think it’s here to stay. In the meantime, we need to try to figure out how to patch the spots on the wall that are damaged from things like the old curtain rods and nail holes…