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I’ve often read (mainly on blogs) that a house doesn’t really feel like your home until you put your stamp on it. For us, that mainly manifests in one way: painting. Before we moved in, we knew a few things about painting this home:

1. The orange in the powder room had to go. – Done!

before-after-powder2. The brown in the sitting area had to go. This would mean, more than likely, repainting the entire kitchen and adjoining hallway into the dining room so that the flow from room to room was seamless.

kitchen53. The teal rooms had to be repainted.

office4before7But after that, we were less sure. The guest bedroom blue doesn’t bother us; the living room isn’t what color we want it to be, but it also isn’t offensive or a rush job. The dining room is staying the gray that it is. After looking at paint samples in the three to-be-painted rooms (kitchen, teal bathroom, teal rec room), we settled on a paint for the kitchen, but not the other rooms. Thus, the decision to paint the kitchen came about.

Here’s where we started.

kitchen4 kitchen2 kitchen6We have an entirely new kitchen on our hands now.

kitchen-after2It took two gallons of Behr Premium Ultra Paint and Prime in One in “Wild Honey” and the better part of two days to paint all of this. What’s interesting is how the color shifts from the sitting area to the kitchen during the course of the day. Sometimes it appears creamier and yellower than other times, when it’s pale and soft. kitchen-after1It’s pretty amazing how much bigger this room feels now.

kitchen-after3Though B isn’t big on the chair rail, we decided to keep it for ease. It needs to be repainted pretty badly, but one thing at time. kitchen-after4 kitchen-after5See what I mean about the color changing with the light? I prefer when it takes on this tone instead of the more yellow tone, but that’s a personal thing. I’m yellow prejudice. I admit it. B helps break me out of my gray-pale blue shell. kitchen-after6And now, on to the rec room, which I’m really excited about! Here’s a (big) hint: