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It’s about time you heard about more than ants and unpacking, isn’t it? Here’s a look at Scout’s new backyard.


You can enter the screened-in porch from two places, the sitting area off the kitchen or the dining room, as shown above.porch2

These photos were taken in the morning, so you can see that the yard gets very pretty light in the morning. It’s a great place to sit with a cup of tea (though it’s a little chilly for that lately!). porch1

Though the overhead fan is nice, it needs to be replaced. When you turn it on, it swings wildly out of control. The first time we turned it on, B was standing directly below it when the light globe fell off! Thankfully it’s made of plastic…which means it probably fell off and broke at one point and was replaced with plastic. I like the light that’s on the wall, but it needs to be repainted. The speaker doesn’t currently work because the wire has been cut and doesn’t go anywhere. There’s lots of that around the house, actually.back13

On the other side of the porch door is a small patio. Eventually the patio will need to be removed and replaced to fix some sloping and water pooling. Also, the inspector suggested removing all the bushes along the house. Though they’re pretty and well maintained, they are too close to the foundation. We’re brainstorming ways we can save them, so we’ll see if we can come up with anything. back12 back11

This is the right side of the yard, with the house behind you. back10

A look at the full house.back9Up close on the playhouse the previous owners left. We figure this thing will serve as a good play area for our friends who have children. It’s a pretty nice setup, and cost a good bit, we imagine. Because of the way it’s built, removing it would be a lot of trouble.

back3back2To the right of the playhouse is a trellis with a vine on it. The previous owners had a swing hung from this, and we were surprised that they took it with them. We assumed it would stay with the house. Eventually we plan to replace the swing. We liked this area quite a bit. back4 back5 back6

Open yard to the left of the playhouse.back7 back8

A kid-size picnic table, in case we ever feel like eating under the playhouse.back1And that’s the backyard! Our plans for this space:

  1. As I said, we need to replace the patio and do something about the bushes next to the house.
  2. The grass is sparse and in need of some love.
  3. The fence is getting up in age and will need some regular maintenance.
  4. One of the bushes in the very back, behind the playhouse, is dead and needs to be dug up and removed.

That’s about it, for now. B and I both would love a pool one day, but that would be way down the road and may or may not happen. We’ll just have to see!