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One of the first meals we made after moving was Budget Bytes’ Teriyaki Meatball Bowls. B loves teriyaki, so when I stumbled into this recipe, I knew he would like it. The recipe turned out to be well worth it. Not only did we enjoy it for dinner, but the meatballs would make great tailgating food served with toothpicks. The sauce is versatile enough to be used with chicken too—wings, grilled chicken breasts, stir-fry. It’s definitely one that will be kept in our files.

teriyaki meatballs

The recipe is straight-forward and easy, and we really didn’t change much. I removed the onions due to B’s allergy, but you can keep them in. I added a dash of crushed red pepper and a squirt of Sriracha Asian chili sauce to spice up the sauce. (I thought the sauce was a touch too sweet, so next time I’ll reduce the sugar a bit. B enjoyed it though, so gauge this based on your preference when you make it.)

teriyaki meatballsWe steamed some broccoli and served it with the meatballs over Jasmine rice. If I’d had more sesame seeds, I would have sprinkled with some at the end. This made enough for us to have dinner and lunches, which is always a bonus. The only ingredient we didn’t have on hand was the ground pork, which ran us $8 at Whole Foods. Though that’s more than the cost of ground beef, we’ll get at least four meals out of this, so it didn’t deter us.

The only other thing I did was to cook the meatballs in my roasting pan, which has a rack on top to let the fat drip down. This meant that the meatballs didn’t sit in the fat while they cooked, making them get a nice, crispy crust on the outside. I’d suggest this if you make them.

Head over to Budget Bytes for the recipe!