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B and I knew that we would take our time with this new place, but there were a few things that we knew right from the start: where a few paintings would be hung, the general furniture layout, and where the gallery wall would go. So as we unpacked, we separated items out that we knew already had a “home.” Mainly, things that we knew would go in the foyer.

foyerSeeing this spot right when you walk in would give the illusion that after just a few days in this house, we have everything perfectly place and arranged. Not! We have pockets—a painting here or there, a vase set somewhere it could maybe live if we don’t find another place we like better for it. But these things (above) were arranged, more or less, the same way at our last place, and we loved it. So it was easy to arrange them back that way once each item was unpacked. foyerThe only thing we added was the lamp, which was in our bedroom in the last home, but added a nice pop of pattern and color here.

Little visual pockets like this help to make the home feel less chaotic in a sea of unpacked boxes and scattered items that don’t have locations yet. B has spent the majority of his time repairing the walls, which the previous owner left with massive holes.living roomThe previous owners used screws—not nails—to hang everything. Even the tiniest pictures were hung using screws meant for giant mirrors or heavy pieces of art. When they moved out, they left the screws, so B has been going through each room, one by one, and removing the screws and repairing the walls. living roomBecause we have not begun to think about paint colors, he’s pulled the old paint from the garage and matched the colors up, so that until we have decided on paint colors the walls will be clean and the patchwork covered.living room gallery wall

The other project we did was to rehang our gallery wall. We loved this at the previous house, so we knew right away that we wanted to rehang it, and this long wall in the dining room was the perfect place.living room gallery wall

We followed our same procedure from the last time we hung it, and it worked perfectly. We didn’t have to change a single nail hole. (Couldn’t do that again if we tried!)living room gallery wallThe plan is to eventually have each of these frames hold black-and-white photos of our family and distant relatives as a sort of family tree, but we haven’t found the time to print out the photos we’ve been collecting from family members. We even dug through the digital libraries of William and Mary and Old Dominion to find pictures of my dad from his college days on the swim team! We think this wall will be a really special focal point once we get the pictures printed and in the frames.

This place is already feeling like home.