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A brief glimpse at the state of the house after a few days (and with our stuff in it):

dining1 foyer1 foyer2 kitchen1 kitchen2(Keeping it real. It’s a mess in there…)living1The drapery in the living room is down (we’re planning to Craigs List it), and the room feels a lot less heavy.living2Our bookshelves suddenly look short! office1This is the room over the garage, which we’re going to use as half-rec room half-office space. We’re really excited about it, because it allows us to create a space for the two of us instead of me working alone and sacrificing time with B while he relaxes somewhere else.office2Eventually this space will have a TV and little entertainment center for B’s video games and movies. A little theater of sorts.office3Behind the couch is the office/studio space where I’ll work. Even though the room is split in half, this is a huge upgrade in space for me, and I’m really excited about it.office4 sitting1Here’s a shot of the sitting area after we did some major unpacking. Slowly but surely!