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Forty-eight hours later, we’re officially exhausted. But we’re also officially in the new house! And we owe you guys some pictures. So without further ado, the first Before shots of the new casa:

before2Starting upstairs and working our way down, this is the master bathroom. (Because these are before shots, all the belongings you see are the previous owners’.)


Detail shot of the master bath shower.before3

The master bedroom walls have a light texture on them that we don’t really care for, so down the road we’ll do some research on removing it and repainting. This room gets poor light (my photo settings are enhancing it), unlike our previous master bedroom, so a lighter paint color will help to brighten it up.before4 before5 before6

The hall bathroom is TEAL. I love how the previous owners’ let their children help decorate their rooms and bathroom, but the teal is not in our plans. 😉before7 before8

This room color reminds me of the Benjamin Moore “Quiet Moments” paint that we used in the Russian Space Station. We’ll turn this into a guest room.before9A second guest room.before10The hallway landing.

before25This room will become a dual office-rec room…and be painted!

before11 before12The foyer has hardwoods that run into the kitchen and dining room and are in very good shape. The archways remind us of the Russian Space Station, and we were happy to keep them as a design element and bit of a nostalgic touch.before13 before14The foyer opens to the right (left in the above photo) into the living room, or you can walk down the short hallway into the kitchen. That’s the pantry on the left above.before15The kitchen countertops are marble tiles. B and I have never had marble, so we’re going to be doing some research on how to care for them. The kitchen opens into a small addition: a sitting area. This will be a new space for us, and we’re excited about using it for entertaining and an all-around hangout spot.before16One of the areas we downgraded in this home (as compared to the Russian Space Station) is the number of kitchen cabinets. I spent the majority of today and yesterday evening unpacking the kitchen and trying to arrange everything. We also lost all of those new appliances, so tonight I cooked on an electric cooktop for the first time in a few years. More on that in a future post, but I’ll just say that it’s going to take some getting used to…before17The powder room is ORANGE. But it’s bigger than the under-the-stairs powder room at the Russian Space Station. We have big plans to pretty-up this room! before18 before19The kitchen opens to another small hallway with the laundry room and powder room, which leads into the dining room.before20We really like the molding and wall color choice in the dining room, so we plan to keep that room pretty much the same as it is, with the exception of the light fixture.before21The living room is another fairly dark room in the house, so we plan to paint the walls a lighter color and brighten it up.before22 before23 before24And that’s the inside! (The outside photos still need to be taken.) We’ve been in the house for 24 hours now, and this is what we’ve learned about her:

  1. The previous owners’ furniture was massive compared to ours. Everywhere we go, we see the dimples in the carpet where their furniture sat, and then there’s ours…The home looks a lot larger to us with our stuff in it simply because our furniture tends to be light-colored (whereas they preferred dark and leather) and smaller. It’s amazing the difference furniture makes in a space.
  2. Every single doorstop in the entire house is torn up. Every.Single.One. Why do you not see these things during showings?
  3. The carpet is sticky. As in, they did a stain guard or something and it made everything sticky. Thank goodness we’ve got that steam cleaner still!
  4. Garages are pretty darn awesome. No more tools in the closet!
  5. The previous owners hung every piece of artwork using screws that could have held an elephant. There’s a lot of wall repair in our future.

We’ll be back with outside photos and current photos soon!