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**Note: This post has gotten some questions, so if you’re looking for more info, be sure to read the comments!

Our back porch needs some work. When we bought the place, the records showed that it used to be screened in. The previous owners had removed the screen to open it up, and in doing so, they tore up the concrete.


They also spray painted on the concrete without using a drop cloth…


Not even power washing got that paint up. So out came the Behr. This was our first time using this product, and overall we’re pleased with it. A word of warning for those planning to use it: It smells very strongly. We both used masks the entire time.


Another word of note. The color we chose, Boot Hill Gray, doesn’t look like what we thought it would look like. It’s more blueish-purplish in reality. Perhaps this is the paint tone mixed with the tone of the concrete? At any rate, a word of warning when selecting the color. In our case, it doesn’t matter much, as this is already a huge improvement and still looks good.

We started this around 7 p.m., when it was cool enough to paint but still light out. I cut in while B rolled, and we worked ourselves into the door.

Before:porch3 porch4  During:



porch7 porch8

(Don’t mind the dirty paw prints near the door, above!) 🙂porch9The nice thing about this product is that it fills in gaps up to 1/4-inch deep, so a lot of the cracks filled in nicely. That being said, it doesn’t go on like paint. It’s much thicker. After a few minutes, we decided it felt like painting with cake batter or a thick milkshake—weird, but effective.

Overall, we’re pleased with the result. In fact, we really should have done it sooner!