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You know, there’s something incredibly handy about having family members with cool toys. In this case, a power washer. A month ago, B’s parents paid us a weekend visit, and we asked them to bring their power washer along with them. They kindly obliged, and we spent the weekend playing with it.

I know people talk about what a difference power washing makes, but until you see it in action, it doesn’t do it justice. We put it to use on our driveway first, and I was blown away by the difference it made. Now our driveway glows in comparison to the other driveways around us!


At this point, the majority of the driveway is wet, except for the light-colored portion on the far right. The part where B’s dad is standing has been power washed, so that portion is soaking wet—and yet look at what color it is! Fourteen years of dirt have been blasted off of it. powerwash1

All the light portions in the foreground and far left have been washed at this point, and you can really see where the unwashed portions are. We did not use any cleaner for this, just H2O. powerwash3And…the end! This shot was taken today. It’s been raining all week without stop, so there hasn’t been a good time to get out there, move the cars, and take an “after” shot. That said, everyone’s driveways are wet here, and you can see the color difference. We’ve had two neighbors stop us since we finished this and tell us that they are now thinking about power washing their driveways they’re so impressed. 🙂 On a sunny day, the driveway practically glows. We’re like giddy children pulling into it. I almost don’t want my car on it…