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Finally, finally. After two years, we’ve finally gotten around to painting the cream interior doors we inherited when we purchased our town home. What a difference it makes to have all the doors and trim consistent with one another—downstairs was painted white by the previous owners, while they only painted certain doors white upstairs. (Why?)

We didn’t knock them all out at once, but instead painted them as we could, fitting in a half hour of painting each night or so, until they were all done.

trim officeDid I mention the doors had food stains on them? Our guess: peanut butter and jelly. It was sticky and looked like jelly. These were the previous kids’ rooms, and they weren’t in great shape when we moved in. You can see what a difference the color makes. We color-matched the white to the existing white in the house (Behr Paint and Primer No-VOC color-matched to Benjamin Moore Simple White). We used the guide over at Thrifty Decor Chick for painting:

paint guideThe doors look amazing now, and it has really helped to brighten the rooms.

officeThe only door left is our master bedroom closet door, which we’re replacing (so, thus, not bothering to paint). It serves as a good side-by-side comparison with the cream and white.

bedroomSorry for the yellow-toned photo. This was taken at night. We’re replacing the closet door because of our failed attempt to move Zoey’s litter box into the closet. We thought it was a grand idea, and she did too—for a week. Then she refused to use it, and the cat door went kaput.

You can also see that we’ve been replacing our gold doorknobs with silver. The previous owners did this downstairs, but not upstairs. We tried spray painting the old knobs, but we hated the results. So, we finally sucked it up and bought new ones.

bedroomSlowly but surely, we’re polishing this girl right up.