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After our recent vinyl tile adventure in the laundry room, B and I began to talk about using vinyl tile elsewhere. Truth be told, we really didn’t want vinyl tile in our bathrooms, but the more we thought about it, the more we leaned toward the idea. For very little investment, we could update the space. Down the road, when we have the extra $200 or so to invest in tile, we could remove the vinyl tiles with little effort, but in the meantime, the space would be new and clean. If, in the end, we never get around to laying porcelain tiles, the floors would at the very least be new and presentable to a buyer. (No one in our neighborhood with their townhome currently on the market has anything but laminate.)

So we decided to go for it. B did this job himself while I was busy with work-related obligations, so the credit goes 100% to him.

Before (with the shoe molding removed):

bathroom bathroomAnd After:


While B was in there with the floor all torn up, he took the time to repaint the trim from cream to white. SO MUCH BETTER.bathroom

The tiles we chose are from Lowes, and are plank style, 24×18 I believe. We laid them in a brick pattern (as you can see).bathroom

Rather than purchase a new plate for the doorway, we chose to spraypaint the old gold one silver to match the other hardware. The doorknob will be changed soon to match. Gone with the gold!bathroomAnd that’s it! It’s a small room, but boy does new flooring make a huge difference. Other than framing the mirror on the wall and replacing the doorknob, we’re done with this bad boy.