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To continue on our “dress up the house without spending any/a whole lot of money” mission, we spent the last two (beautiful!) weekends fixing up our front yard. Because we live in a townhome, there is only so much we can do. So we set out to work with what we have, embrace it, and add some charm to it, all without breaking the bank.

The first thing we undertook was our small yard. We’ve been working on improving the plants since we moved in, and this year, the bushes are looking much improved.

Real estate listing photo:
outside frontIt’s hard to see the bushes in this photo, but they are in front of the big window, looking small and freshly planted. A week ago:

frontAs you can see, the bushes have filled in and grown (and in the spring have very pretty pink blossoms), but the mulch and the grass are having a party. We needed order, separation of church and state, mulch and grass, to each his own (side). You get the drift. So for $30 in bricks and an afternoon’s worth of time, we created a simple, easy, affordable border:front

frontThe grass is just starting to come in now, so in a few weeks it should look nice and green. The other benefit of this is that when we have heavy rainfall, the mulch will no longer rush out all over the walkway and into the yard. Easy, peasy!

Now to our next project. I don’t remember exactly what this one cost, but it was very affordable. Our front door is in less-than-wonderful shape. There are dings in it, dents, and overall wear and tear. We plan to replace it down the road, but until we have $200 that we want to put toward a new front door, we wanted to dress up the one we have.

Again, the before:


frontNice, huh? We’re thinking now that we’ll replace the Command hook holding up our (old) wreath with a silver one to match the rest of the hardware, and add a bright green boxwood wreath to blend with the boxwood planter. All in all, not a bad way to work with what you have, all for under $100.