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When we moved in, the fence on the right side of our yard was falling over. (See this picture from earlier this year, during our touch of snow.)

snowIt was pretty bad. The fence itself had come undone from the post, and was just hanging over into our yard. Technically speaking, this is not our fence. Before we moved in, this neighbor took down the 4-foot fence you see around the rest of the yard, and replace the fence in their yard with a 6-foot fence, leaving our yard with an odd conglomeration of 4-foot and 6-foot fencing. I assume the old owner didn’t care and let them do this. Either way, this is what we’ve got. Fast forward to today, and this neighbor isn’t in very good health. So when B offered to repair the fence for him, he jumped at the chance.

So yesterday B did just that. First, he took the vertical pieces of wood down, and saved them. Then he lifted the old post of the ground. It wasn’t hard—the wood had completely rotted through.

fenceThen he had to dig up the old hunk of concrete that was holding (or not) the old post. This proved to be really difficult because whoever built the fence mixed broke pieces of brick into the concrete. B actually broke our shovel getting the concrete out, and had to make an emergency run to Walmart to get a new one.


But finally the concrete plug came up, and B put his concrete class that he took while in school to use, mixing up a new batch to replace the old one with.fenceOnce he’d mixed the new concrete, he put a layer of drainage rock in the bottom of the hole, added the new post, and then the concrete.

fenceB used quick-set concrete, so it cured in 20-40 minutes. He waited 4 hours to ensure it was set, and then replaced the dirt he’d unearthed and added new grass seed. Done!


The two newer-looking beams are the spot that used to lean. I wish the pictures did it justice. It looks so much better! Worth every penny of the $20 it cost (plus $20 more for a new shovel).

(No, I did not pose Scout in that position. I actually couldn’t get her to move out of the way. She was very concerned about whether or not we were going to play fetch. Priorities.)