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After my last post, my guess is that you’re sensing a theme. A these-people-don’t-wait-for-their-real-birthdays kind of theme. In 2013, you’re right.

For Christmas, B was gifted a number of gift cards to Lowes, our most-convenient home improvement store. So like any good shopper, he pulled up their website to see what was on sale. Lo and behold, he found something. A Whirlpool range hood with good ratings on sale. And with his gift cards, he could get it for under $100. Sold!

We do not currently have a range hood over our stove. We have God’s worst microwave instead. This microwave is 14 years old and dying. Remember how it turned itself on once? It used to do that quite a bit, until we finally unplugged it for good. Leaving it unplugged meant that it was in essence a very ugly looking paper weight, so we were eager to get rid of it and put something less bulky in its place. Enter the range hood.



kitchen range hoodIt makes an amazing difference to cook without the microwave in your face now (it wasn’t to code; it hung down too close to the cooktop). Like the early birthday gift I received, this gift opens up the space and updates it. It also coordinates with the stainless steel stove. Now picture the room with shiny new black countertops and we’ll be in business.