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On our way back home after visiting family for the holidays, B surprised me with a stop at West Elm. We don’t have one in our state (sad), so we try to stop at ones in cities we pass through on trips. It just so happened that I’ve been saving up gift cards for over a year with the hope that I could buy a particular table that I’ve been in love with for the same amount of time. As luck would have it, they had one in stock (it’s been on backorder quite a bit) and it fit into our already-packed car. So here it is, the Rustic Acacia Console table in its new home in our dining room.

rustic acacia console table

rustic acacia console table

It has truly transformed how that corner of the room looks. Before we had two small bookshelves packed with our signed first-edition collection, and it was too much. Dark and dingy. Now the space looks put-together and bright, and it’s made the entire room feel larger in size.

So happy early birthday to me! Patience (and gift cards) have finally paid off.