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One of the benefits of staying in town during a holiday is that you have all this extra time you wouldn’t otherwise have to check things off your list. It’s especially handy when this coincides with some beautiful weather. For us, this meant that B had a project he could busy himself with while I prepped and baked Thanksgiving dinner: painting the ceiling of the porch outside.

This porch has seen better days. There’s paint on the brick from where whomever built the old screened-in porch didn’t tape, and there’s unpainted wood where the previous owners tore down said screened-in porch and didn’t paint over the exposed wood. Tsk tsk. So when we had leftover paint from the second story painting project, we knew we had a use for it. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

We’re going to replace the outdoor light, which is sadly out of date, but in the meantime B is spray-painting it black so that it’s at least clean until we can pick out a replacement.

Quite a difference, huh? And we also knocked out another quick paint job, our coat closet, which had surprisingly banged-up walls…

Done! Now, anyone know how to get paint off of bricks? We’d like to clean up the areas that have old paint on them, which we oddly enough didn’t even notice until we painted the ceiling.