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One of the things we noticed after moving in (it’s always after, isn’t it?) was that the exterior siding on our second story was in need of a paint job. In fact, as we looked down the row of townhomes, every one of them needed a paint job. Some even had (and still have) rotting wood. But ours thankfully only needed a paint job. So last Sunday we set out to do just that.

We started by picking up two gallons of Duramax exterior paint in satin by Valspar. This had very good reviews for exterior paint, was low-VOC, and helped prevent mold and mildew. It also came highly recommended, so we went with it.

The good thing about our second story is that the roof is not steeply pitched, so we could stand on it with ease. The bad thing: Even on a 62 degree Alabama day, it was hot up there. But we slathered on some sunscreen and forged ahead.

Bottom half = painted. Top half = not painted.

A few hours later, we were done. B painted the top half and I did the bottom, so that we could both work at the same time (and I couldn’t reach that high). The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but there is a noticeable difference in person. This wasn’t a fun job, but it also wasn’t the worst (I’d do this in a heartbeat over removing wallpaper again). It was something that would have to be done before we could rent or sell this place, which is the long-term plan. Household maintenance = a must.

(The screens on our windows are hideous. I cringe looking at them. They’ve been destroyed by the neighborhood feral cats, who walk from one townhome to another on the eaves. Ugh. The windows are going to be replaced anyway, so we aren’t bothering to replace the screens.)

As I was finishing up the molding around the window, the last thing left to paint, a gusty wind came by and blew something into my eye. I reacted as everyone reacts and reached up and rubbed my eye. Not a good idea! Bad, bad, bad idea. Worst idea I’ve had of the year possibly.

I did what it tells you not to do on the paint can: I got paint in my eye. Let me tell you, getting paint into your eye when you’re outside on top of a roof—and thus can’t see—is not fun. First off, it’s very painful, and secondly, your eyes start watering immediately, so you’re in pain and crying and trying to climb back in a window while your dog is trying to sniff you and see what you’ve been up to and your cat tries to climb out the window and your husband is nowhere to be found.

I managed to make my way downstairs, where B helped me flush my eye out. We debated a trip to the ER. We Googled. We flushed my eye some more. At this point I looked like I’d been hit in the eye: everything around it was red. But the more I flushed it out the better it felt. We found our eye drops and flushed it some more. Around this point we decided that it was looking better and that I would take a nap and rest it for 30 minutes, then we’d see where I was and decide about the ER.

Thirty minutes later, we reassessed and decided that it was okay. I could see, the redness was gone, and I wasn’t in any pain anymore (though I was very sore). So lesson learned: Do not reach under your safety glasses when you’re painting to rub your eye, no matter what flies into it.

Next up: Repainting the back porch ceiling and repairing the drywall in the living room.