…for a brand-new model. One where a tiny little drip discovered earlier this week after a storm doesn’t result in this:




What are we doing about it? After we got done crying, we looked up three local roofing companies with good reviews online and left them messages for quotes. Now, we’re running to Lowe’s to buy a piece of plastic we can put up over the hole to keep animals out until we can get it fixed.

Where is it? On our back porch, so no water is coming inside, thank goodness. However, it’s right on the line where our town house meets the one next to us.

What do we think caused it? This little thing right here:


This piece of flashing has been like this since we moved in. We’d planned to fix it, but never realized that the missing nail no longer holding it in place had pierced all the way through the roof, thus leaving a hole where water has been coming in for a very long time. Look back at the first image and you should see a tiny blue dot—daylight.

It never rains, it pours. Right through your roof sometimes.