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Wow, it’s been a while since we posted, huh? Sorry about that, but we’ve been busy, promise. Part of what kept us away was a quick trip to one of my favorite places in the world: Chapel Hill, NC. The last time I was in Chapel Hill was in 2007 for a football game, so that didn’t really afford us the opportunity to check out the local eating favs (I think we tried and everything was booked up, surprise surprise). So, this trip was to do just that: Eat our hearts out at all the places I was too broke to try as a student and couldn’t get to while in town in 2007.

Our first meal was at the venerable favorite Crook’s Corner. It’s no wonder I never went here as a student (besides being broke). This place was really tucked back there on the corner of Franklin Street. The inside was really casual, in a good way. We ate on the outdoor patio on what can only be described as a perfect Sunday evening—the air was cool, there was a laid-back vibe, and good food abounded.

We started with the cheese plate. Each of the cheeses (which my mind is struggling to recall now) were from local NC creameries Chapel Hill Creamery and Celebrity Goat Farm. They were served with chef Smith’s own green tomato relish, and everything was outstanding. (And really generous portions.)

Next up, B got the tomato-corn chowder, which was really wonderful. The broth had great flavor with a hint of spice at the end. (Sorry for the poor photo.)

For our entrees, I got the English vegetable pudding, which the waiter described as being like a crustless quiche loaded with veggies, and this turned out to be a really accurate description.

This plate was loaded with food. We couldn’t get over how large the portion sizes were. But we weren’t complaining. The vegetables were as fresh as they could be and perfectly cooked. For the veggie lover I’ve grown into, this plate was heaven.

B got the catfish amandine served with baked grits, which was drenched with perfectly toasted almonds. The fish was fabulous, but the quote of the night was when B said “I would eat these baked grits off the ground.” And meant it.

Again, sorry for the poor photo. My hand must shake when I try to hold my phone still. And people look at me like I’m weird. I do my best to ignore them.

Dessert was a tough decision, but we went with the chocolate souffle with homemade whipped cream, and didn’t regret it one bite. (See that play on words there? I know, I’m done know.)

Some might be surprised to hear this, but I think Crook’s Corner turned out to be our favorite meal of the trip. Though we didn’t get to go to nearly as many places as we wanted…We’ll have to go back! 🙂

Note: These photos were taken with Instagram. Want to follow along as we eat? We post photos and tweet about it long before it ends up here!

610 West Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC