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Let’s face it: The days after a long weekend are not the easiest. It sometimes feels like even though the week is shorter, you still manage to do the same amount of work. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, B and I decided that we were going to eat out of the freezer some this week, and thawed out a hefty Tupperware of spaghetti sauce for dinners. Last night, I was standing over the stove stirring a pot of boiling pasta on the cusp of al dente when something strange happened. The microwave, which is very old (14 years is my estimate. We think it’s original to the house. It certainly has the grease-covered surface to attest to this), started itself. You read that right. A microwave that was previously off—fan, light, oven, all off—turned itself on. In fact, not only did the microwave turn itself on, but so did the light and the fan. The entire contraption came to life before my very eyes.

(Old kitchen shot, but you can see the microwave.)

But that’s not where it ended. After cutting itself on, it wouldn’t turn off. We pressed every off button it had, but it wouldn’t budge. Finally, B unplugged it from the wall. We waited a few seconds and then plugged it back in, and it came right back on! So we ended up letting it sit unplugged overnight, and this morning, it seemed to be back to normal.

This is very odd, isn’t it? I can’t help but wonder if it’s a fire hazard. Obviously the unit isn’t new. We plan to replace it with a regular range hood because we don’t really use the microwave. And this one is so bulky and close to the stove that it takes away from your line of sight while cooking.

So I jumped on Google and did some searching. Apparently a microwave that turns itself on and off is a fire hazard, and could mean any number of parts are going/have gone bad. Because we’re not fans of this contraption anyway, I can’t imagine us putting a lot of money and time into fixing it. That range hood might move a bit closer down the to-do list now!