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It’s always nice when you hear lots and lots of positive reviews about a restaurant, finally get the chance to go, and it’s worth all the hype. Dyron’s Lowcountry is one such place. To celebrate B’s graduation from his Masters program (CONGRATS B!), we went to Dyron’s for dinner on a Friday night. I don’t know if it was the tucked away location, something in the air, or luck, but for a Friday night, the atmosphere was pleasantly subdued.After starting with Appalachian oysters on the half shell (for B) and stuffed squash blossoms (YUM. Goat cheese whipped with lemon zest and fresh herbs) for the rest of us, I dug in to grouper over pilau (pronounced pih-LOW or PER-low, depending on who you hear it from). Think of it as a mixture of rice, lady peas, sweet peas, carrot, and asparagus. This dish was the perfect combination of fresh and light. I ate every bite.

B’s mom had the fried chicken served with mac ‘n’ cheese, black-eyed peas, and the cutest presentation of sausage gravy (made with Conecuh sausage) I’ve ever seen.

We’d already dug into the mac before I took this shot (we couldn’t wait). I’m not sure what cheeses they used, but it was all spot on.

B’s dad had the shrimp and grits in a tomato broth with a splash of hot sauce. Dyron’s uses McEwen’s grits, so you really can’t go wrong. Again, we’d dug in before I remembered to shoot a picture.

And lastly, B got himself a treat: the beef tenderloin with roasted asparagus and potatoes topped with homemade hollandaise. His steak was cooked perfectly, and the sauce was a velvety finish that took it up a notch.

For the type of food served (sourced from the Apalachicola area or local; fresh ingredients with classic technique that’s well executed), I considered their prices to be very reasonable. The restaurant itself isn’t huge—which I liked—and is tastefully, sparingly decorated with large photos of the Lowcountry coast and dark wood booths. If you need a good date-night restaurant, I’d suggest a stop.

Dyron’s Lowcountry
121 Oak Street | Mountain Brook, Alabama | 205.834.8257