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When we bought our house back in May, one of the first things B said to me was, “Our TV’s too small for the room.” The room he was referring to was our living room, about the same size as the entire apartment we were leaving behind. Here’s what it looked liked about two days after we moved it (nothing really looks like this now, but you get the gist).

Is the TV too small? For B it is, so that’s what matters.

B’s birthday is in March, and he’s been dreaming of a new, bigger TV since we moved in. But the one he picked out, a 46-inch Sony Bravia, was a lot more than our birthday budget, ranging around $1,200 depending on where you looked. We have a Sony Bravia now, but a much smaller version, and B was pleased with the model and wanted to stick with it. So he dreamed and dreamed, and crunched some numbers, and then came up with a plan.

First, he found the TV on Amazon for $1,150. Then, he went through all of his old engineering textbooks from the past couple of years that he wouldn’t need going forward. He sold those back to Amazon for an Amazon credit totaling $800. That’s right, $800. Engineering textbooks are expensive.

Next, he cashed in some reward points from his credit card for an Amazon gift card equaling $150. This made his total Amazon reward $950.

He then found the TV on a competitor’s site for $150 cheaper than it was listed on Amazon. This was key, because Amazon has a price-match guarantee.

Lastly, B purchased the TV for $200 and submitted the price-match information to Amazon for a $150 refund. So, in total, including shipping and delivery, B paid $50 for a 46-inch flat-screen TV for a total savings of 95.7%.

Come Thursday night, this puppy will be gracing our console table in all its glory. If only we could manage to apply the same deals to jewelry! 😉