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We caught wind a few months ago that our families would like to see how we decorate for the holidays, so without further ado, below are some photos of what we did. Keep in mind, we’re not super holiday-y kind of people (unless you said, “Hey, would you two like to go to a special Thanksgiving dinner especially prepared for a limited number of people by chef Shaun Brock in Charleston, SC?” Then we’d be on the next plane over, assuming we were slamming rich and all. PS: I actually did get the press release for one such event, but we couldn’t afford the tickets, for the plane or the event).

Annnnyyywwwaaayyy. We did manage a few things.

  1. We put up a tree. We do this every year, but in years past this has been the extent of our decorating. This year we went slightly (emphasis on the slightly) further and also decorated the mantle.
    The first two ornaments were gifts last year, while the latter two are from mine and Bryan’s childhoods, respectively.
  2. Since we now have a mantle to decorate, we thought we should do something with it. Especially since we just learned that our gas line is not hooked up to our fireplace, so it’s basically just a very nice wall ornament right now. =p
    The stockings are currently filled with Scout goodies. All three of them. We’ll add Zoey’s goodies as soon as we buy them. We really just needed a place to put Scout’s peanut-butter rawhides so that she wouldn’t eat them, and that definitely vetoed wrapping them and putting them under the tree.
  3. Hung a wreath on the front door. Remember how our neighborhood is full of very interactive, festive Halloween folks? Apparently they like all holidays, not just the dress-up-your-kids-and-beg-for-candy kinds. Let’s call them equal opportunity holiday decorators. That’s our neighborhood. This year, we bought a wreath. Hey—we’re taking it slowly! The lights are handy. They’re on a timer that turns on at 5 pm and off at 5 am. So we don’t have to always try to remember to turn the wreath on. And, it’s battery operated, so we can still open the door without worrying about ripping it out of the plug. It’s the little things in life.Happy holidays!