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Today we finally finished painting the second coat of paint in the master bathroom. It looks great! We’re very happy with it.

Now all we need is some extra cash to do the other projects needed in the room, which are:

1. Building the bookshelf over the toilet in the water closet. Inspiration photo (via Pinterest):

We’re going to build floating shelves using Ana White’s technique, so they’ll be something like this (via Pinterest):

Nice, huh?

2. Building the bookshelf over the tub. This is to make up for the fact that we don’t have a linen closet. It’ll give us space to hold towels and toiletries (in baskets). We’ve shown you our inspiration picture before, but here it is again:

Via Pinterest

And here’s what it looked like when I used my Photoshop talents (haha) to put this shelf over our tub:

Oh yeah!

3. Adding a framed boarder to our mirror. Our mirror is huge and blah. We’re going to frame it a la this (via Pinterest) to add visual interest and help give it a “finished” feel:

It doesn’t look hard at all, so we’re just saving up to buy the wood and some paint.

Fingers crossed we win the lottery soon!