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Now that we’re back from Thanksgiving, I finally have a second to post these photos of the master bathroom. This is just the first coat, but we’re really pleased with it. We did not end up going with Valspar’s Hazy Skies like we’d planned. Once we got the walls primed, we painted our samples back on the wall, and were really happy that we did. There was a big difference between viewing the swatches on the white wall versus the green wall. They looked completely different, and we ended up changing our minds.

So, in the end we went with Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray. We actually have a BM swatch book, so we took that to Lowe’s and had them color-match it to Olypmic’s Zero VOC Go Green paint in semigloss. (Semigloss is commonly used on bathroom and kitchen walls. If you have moisture issues or steam—as you will in a bathroom—semigloss won’t show any steam line you might have around the ceiling. It’s also great for mold/mildew resistance, which you would need in bathrooms and kitchens).

Then, on to the painting. Like I said, we only got the first coat done before we left for Thanksgiving, but already the room looks so amazingly bigger. I can’t wait till we get the bookshelf in. Don’t mind the mess, as it’s still a work in progress…or the poor color in my photos. I’m not a pro.

See the green on the bottom half? Yep, didn’t paint it. Why pay for the paint when it’s going to be under the beadboard? Think frugal is the motto.

This is just an example of the three colors: green original, primer, and then the Stonington Gray.

You can see here where we marked off (and then partially removed while painting) the outlines of the dimensions for the bookshelf. We went back and forth about whether to revamp an already-made bookshelf or build it from scratch, but what finally settled it was that we couldn’t find a cheap bookshelf that was the exact dimensions we want. Rather than settle, we’re going to build it from scratch, and then we can claim “custom built-ins”…since it will be 🙂