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We finally made some progress in the master bathroom this weekend. Yesterday we painted the ceilings, and today we primed the walls. Both have made a huge difference. Even with a thin coat of primer on the walls, the room looks so much larger than it did before. And the ceilings! The difference is amazing. We didn’t realize how dulled they were until we started repainting them. See the difference in the shot below.

On the bottom is the primed wall, and then the top is the repainted ceiling. That gray-looking line in between is actually the old ceiling color. Big difference, huh?

Here’s how the rest of the room is looking.

Inside the water closet

We aren’t worried about the seam between the wall and the ceiling because we plan to put up crown molding everywhere, so it will hide the seam. We ended up using Olympic’s Go Green Zero VOC primer, and it worked well. With one thin coat up, you can definitely still tell that there’s green underneath, but the water closet walls look sooo nice. It’s such an amazing transformation from the patched up way it looked before:

Our patching and sanding came out really well, so the wall is smooth and beautiful, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like with paint and beadboard on it.

Next up, paint!