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Wallpaper removal: Check!

After a weekend bonanza of wallpaper removal, I’m proud to say that the wallpaper is gone. B and I hit the chizeling hard on Saturday and Sunday, and by Sunday night we were free of wallpaper from the waist up.

As you can see, we left the green-painted wallpaper on the bottom half of the walls. Since it’ll be covered up by beadboard, there’s no reason to do all the work to take it down. And let me tell you, that’s a BLESSING. Because I never want to chip away at painted-over wallpaper again. Look at the mess!

And this was AFTER cleaning it up in shifts throughout the process. Reason #1 why this project had to be finished in prime time. I couldn’t stand all the flakes of green sticky paper we were tracking all over the house (and Scout was eating).

They got EVERYWHERE people. It was awful.

So now all we have to do is sand down the spots we repaired with drywall compound. The compound is pretty handy; it goes on pink and dries white to signal that it’s ready to sand.

And I think we finally picked out a paint color. It only took us about six months and 45 different samples. I joke, but only slightly.

It’s a little ridiculous how indecisive we were about it, but the lighting in the room made it really hard to decide on something. So which did we settle on? Hazy Stratus by Valspar.

Valspar actually has the first paint certified for allergy and asthma sufferers, which we found interesting when taking into account all my sudden allergy issues. We haven’t decided yet whether to go with it or Olympic’s Zero-VOC Go Green paint, but we’ll try one of them. We’ve been big on Behr before this, so we’re treading into new territory and admittedly a little nervous about it. Still, we think the color will look great next to the white beadboard.

What did the girls do while we worked so hard?

They worked equally as hard, that’s what.

This weekend’s plan is to paint the ceiling (we’ll be replacing the bottom trim throughout the bathroom for the beadboard, so no need to sand and paint that, which I’m psyched about) and sand down the wall in the water closet (fingers crossed, maybe prime it, too?). Anything more we get done after that will be gravy. We worked hard this weekend!