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Sometimes, when you don’t have the time or funds to undertake the projects that are on your to-do list, it’s fun to sit back and dream and plan in the interim. Without further ado, I bring you A’s List of Things We Want to Do in the Future. I know, snazzy title huh?

1. Master Bathroom
Our master bath has been the most neglected room in the house. This is for a number of reasons: 1) it has wallpaper in the toilet room that needs to be taken down–and that’s a lot more real estate than the little powder room; 2) it’s drab, and we’ve been waiting for inspiration; 3) we’ve been busy with the other rooms; 4) we don’t spend a lot of time in here, so inspiration has been slow coming.

But inspiration has come in spurts. We know we want to rip out the vanity and replace it with one that doesn’t have the extra empty space in the middle for someone to sit (I assume that’s what that’s for, though I’ve seen people who put their laundry hamper under there too).

(original owners' stuff)

This will allow us to build some built-in shelving to the right of the shower and left of the vanity, in the newly created space, while keeping the double sinks and plenty of space and all the cabinets (except the middle drawer of course).

We’ve also thought about adding shelving over the tub (B’s idea). See the space to the left of the tub, with the little raised spot:

We’re thinking of doing something like this:

Via Pinterest

Wouldn’t that look nice? (Via here.) It would seriously make up for the fact that we don’t have a linen closet. And it would be pretty easy to do. B is talking about converting an Ikea Billy bookshelf into it with some easy modifications (bead board backing, molding around the top and bottom…).

In fact, the colors and overall tone of this bathroom are really nice. I’ve been wanting to splurge on white marble for the tub and vanity counter (down the line and after saving and scrutinizing our budget a ton), so this helps to envision what that would look like since we’ve got a very similar setup.

2. The Backyard
Oh, there are so many things we want to do here. To begin with, we want to screen in the porch, a process B has researched extensively and we’re pretty prepared for. We’ve been saving, but we’re putting off all major expenses until B gets a job. We also want to put in a stone patio, another process B has researched. We also–and this is the super-big project–want to move the fence down closer to the water and build a deck flush with the yard with stairs down to a dock at the water. We basically want the same setup as our neighbor:

This will definitely require a contractor to do, so this is the biggest project we would undertake at the house, and will require saving for a while.

3. Kitchen
We’ve talked our kitchen before here. We eventually want something like this:

The decision is the type of counter top. Since this is an investment property for us, we don’t want to put in something too expensive and never recoup the cost. That said, our neighborhood and area are growing, so by the time we plan to sell, stone counter tops might be expected by buyers. You can see how this is a decision that takes some thought. We’re still waffling between finding stone (maybe a remnant stone that would be cheaper) and something more affordable, like Formica (not what we want personally, but thinking investment-wise). We’ll see where we land on this.

The only other things we want to do in the kitchen are 1) add a light; 2) refinish the hardwoods (more on that later); and 3) replace the dishwasher and fridge with stainless-steel to match the oven. So nothing costly, right? 😉

4. Flooring
Our hardwoods need help. They’re original in the foyer and kitchen, but they haven’t been properly cared for. We plan to, down the road, get them refinished.

spot where the old owners left a plant without a moisture barrier to protect the floor from water

In the living room, we have laminate floors that we aren’t big fans of. Scout can barely walk on them; she slips and slides all over the place, and her nails clack around on the floor annoyingly (you can tell when she reaches the foyer or kitchen because it sounds like she disappeared). So, we’d like to put engineered hardwoods into the living room and get them stained to match the foyer and kitchen, so that we can create a seamless line between all three rooms. This is something we think we can do ourselves (not the staining and finishing in the foyer and kitchen, but the install), saving a bunch of money hopefully. B has a friend who’s done it, and they’ve talked at length about it.

5. Board and Batten
Our staircase and upstairs hall currently looks like this:

We’re gonna turn it into this:

via Pinterest

We’ve found the step-by-step instructions online for doing your own board and batten, even watched a YouTube video about it, and we’re confident we can do it ourselves. It’s just a matter of time and money.

I’m sure that’s probably not all that we want to do, but those are the big things. And seeing it all laid out here like this, gosh, it’s enough, isn’t it? I mean, we can’t all have backyards that look like this:

But we can dream!