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Back when B first painted the office, it was supposed to be the guest room. The color, a pretty color I like, Behr Ultra Paint-and-Prime in One in Wax Sculpture, was put on the walls and looked very nice.

Then we painted the then-office (now the guest room) the color I originally wanted for the office, Benjamin Moore’s Quiet Moments, also the same color that we painted our powder room (below).

Along came our old Pottery Barn sleeper sofa and caused all the trouble. See, the movers put the couch in the office along with the desk. We thought we could make it work. We couldn’t. No matter how we arranged the furniture—and believe me, we tried every configuration possible—it wouldn’t work. The placement of the window and doors messed it all up.

No prob., we said. We’ll just move the couch into the guest room. Problem solved… Problem not solved. The couch wouldn’t budge through the doorway. We couldn’t get it out. (Well, we could have, but with much, much more heaving than we were willing to do. We think. There’s a chance it’s stuck for life.)

So the couch is a permanent fixture in the room that was painted Quiet Moments, the office color. B wants the couch for his future man cave, so we’re not chunking it. So now, the once-office is now the guest room, and the once-guest room is now the office. Thus why all the office pics you’ve seen have had a creamy wall color instead of a pale blue wall color.

And thus why we’re now painting the office. Again. Because my husband B is very kind and generous to indulge me. I believe the conversation went:

B: Do you want to paint the office another color?
A: Noo…we shouldn’t. I like the color. I can live with it.
B: Do you want your office that color?
A: Well, I didn’t. But I can live with it.
B: It’s your home. We’re not so poor we can’t afford a gallon of paint. You shouldn’t have to live with it.

Good point. And that’s how we ended up here, my friends. Along the way, I stumbled upon this pic from Pinterest:

…and fell in love with the wall color. Throw in a trip to Charlotte to see some dear friends and ogle their lovely gray walls, and you’ve got a case of jonesing for a gray wall. And a couple weeks later you have a gallon of Behr Ultra in eggshell finish color-matched to Benjamin Moore’s Reverie Pewter, a darn pretty color if I do say so myself (pictured above), just waiting for us to dip our brushes into it and slather it on the walls…which happened this weekend!

So here’s your update of the office in it’s current form. FYI: The wall color is much more accurate in the above photo that I didn’t take =p

Wondering why we didn’t just paint the office the same color as the guest room? We talked about it. We decided we didn’t want the rooms to be that symmetrical. Same color palette, yes, but matching? Nah, we’ll try something different.