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We had a pretty productive Labor Day. Not only did we do the other things we’ve spoken of (replace the hall lights, paint the front door), but we also painted two ceilings: the hall bathroom and the office.

When we first moved in, we knocked down the idea of paintings the ceilings. Nah, we thought. We’ll only paint the walls and be done with it. It didn’t take long before we realized that wasn’t going to fly. Specifically, when B installed a ceiling fan in the guest room. The ceilings, we realized, were dirty. And kind of gray. And spotted.

See? This (above) is in the office. And here (below) is where B installed the ceiling fan in the guest room.

That difference you see is not just reflection from the fan lights. It’s mainly the difference in the touch-up paint B used when he finished taking down the old light, which had a wider base than the fan. We were going to have to paint.

So we waited for ceiling paint to go on sale, and Home Depot obliged a week or so ago, and B picked up a few gallons of Behr’s interior flat white paint for ceilings.

First things first, cover the big furniture we couldn’t/weren’t going to move. The plastic tarps were super cheap (something like $2/pack of three).

Wait, is this your first picture of the shelf B built me in all it’s unpainted glory? Yep, I believe it is. Too bad it’s a mess =p But you can see how perfectly the hutch works on it. Imagine it all prettied up.

When we finally started painting, we could immediately see the difference.

Woah. And it’s even better in person.

No, the girls didn’t help. But they looked cute anyway.

And that was pretty much it. Except that it should be noted that paintings ceilings is way harder than painting walls. It’s a neck/shoulder/back/arm/core workout all in one!

We did the office and guest bathroom over Labor Day weekend, and then whipped out the guest room tonight (huzzah!). It doesn’t take very long to do, considering the rooms aren’t huge, but that doesn’t negate the effort. We aren’t planning to repaint every ceiling in the house—just the upstairs, which seems to have really gray, dirty-looking ceilings. I probably just jinxed us!

I leave you with a shot of the guest room in all it’s freshly painted glory. The darker spots are just the paint that’s still wet. The great thing about this ceiling paint is that it dries really smoothly. And we probably won’t have to do this again (knock on wood). Oh, and it isn’t gray, despite my poor-quality photo 😉

PS: Wondering what that little thing sticking out of the ceiling next to the fan is? Since we’re in a townhome, we have a sprinkler system! It’s built in, and there’s a sprinkler head (technical term?) in every room. The main system is in the laundry room.