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Remember that gallery wall that B and I put up a week or so ago? All we had left to do, besides finding art, was to spray paint the black and wood frames white to match. But after we got the frames on the wall, B decided that he really liked the wood frames and didn’t really want to paint them white. Since we try to accommodate each others’ requests, we went and bought new 16×20 frames that were white (via Target).

Cue the trouble. What we didn’t think about was that the white frames we bought weren’t the same width as the wood frames that were already on the wall. So we were left with a predicament. Either rehang the entire wall to fix the spacing of the new white frames, or return the white frames and paint the wood frames as previously planned.

We rehung the whole wall. Ack!

I wish I could say it went just as easily this time around, but it didn’t. It was hard. I don’t know if it was that we were simultaneously watching Notre Dame collapse versus South Florida, but we were frustrated. We finally, and I do mean finally, got it done. Here’s what we learned in the process:

1. This process requires using wax paper. Don’t use parchment. It won’t stick to the wall or the painters tape. It will drive you nuts.

2. Sometimes frames don’t want to be straight. Sometimes even though you used the handy-dandy wax paper method, you’re going to have to move them three times before they will cooperate. Resist the urge to throw them across the room.

3. Make sure your paper doesn’t slip or move while you measure, and if it does, carefully realign it. Otherwise, when you hang the paper on the wall, put in the nails, and hang the pictures, they will all be crooked. Very crooked. And you will have to do it all again.

Sigh. We did get it done though. See the results:

Check out the original post for step by steps. The old brown frames will be hung in the upstairs hall, another as-of-yet bare wall we’ve been trying to decide what to do with.