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Remember bookshelf number two that B was going to build?

image via Ana-White.com

Consider it done! We’re currently using it as our herb garden shelf so that the dog won’t be able to eat our herbs before we can 🙂

Yes, we still need to seal it…maybe this weekend?

And yes, that is chalk on the wall from the kids who used to live here. No, we haven’t washed it off yet. We are that lazy.

The pots are from Lowes, but unfortunately they didn’t have any labeled Rosemary or Oregano, so those are just in pots labeled Herbs.

What’s that? You noticed the rock on the shelf?

That was a gift from the little girl who lives next door. Her name is Hannah, and she is “just almost four.” It’s a good luck rock, so of course we kept it.

What’s that? You also noticed the hydrangeas?

That’s right, folks. We’re practically begging for them not to die, and so far they’re obliging with a few blooms that Scout has managed not to bite off at the stem and deliver to us like Valentine’s gifts.

(Though some of the leaves are sunburned. It’s hot here, after all.)