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How we didn’t notice that we don’t have a laundry closet in this house before we bought it surprises us. Oh, the things you don’t notice when you’re perusing a house, trying to ignore the weird stuff other people have in it and picture yours instead. This would involve a number of things for us, things we didn’t notice but later realized after moving in.

  1. There were no doorstops in this house. The entire house.
  2. There was wallpaper in the powder room.
  3. There are gold fixtures in some rooms and silver in other rooms. Some rooms, like the guest bathroom, even have both.
  4. Apparently, there is no laundry closet.

So this weekend we set out to remedy this last thing, or at least help with it, with inspiration from this image from Pinterest:

from Pinterest

I’m just now realizing as I look at the image above that our baskets are slightly different than this, but the great thing about this project is that we could swap them out if we wanted to. Right now I think they work great.

So here’s what we did. Originally our master bathroom had a door that closed. You can see it in this photo.

This door separated the main portion of the bathroom with the sinks, tub, and shower, from the bedroom. The toilet is in a separate, private room. (Below images are with the old owner’s stuff.)

We took the door that separates the main bathroom from the bedroom off a few weeks ago. Why? A) We don’t need it. B) If you stood at the far right sink, the one I use, and turned around, you ran smack into the door. It opens into the bathroom, and it was very inconveniently thought out. So we took if off. Wa la!

(Oh yes, this room is the last in the house that has not been painted. We’re not sure what we’re doing colors-wise yet. But make no mistake, we’ve got BIG plans for this room!) Eventually we plan to replace this door with a barn door.

from Pinterest

We can’t add a pocket door (which is what really should have been done to begin with) because there’s electrical inside the wall on either side of the doorway.

Next up, we hunted down some baskets. Little rant: Who decided baskets had to be so freaking expensive? I mean, you invariably never buy just one. You’re buying two or three or five, and before you know it you’ve spent $200 and you’re at the register thinking, “Dear God, did I just spent $200 for five baskets? Shouldn’t they be swathed in gold or something for that price? They’re just woven pieces of dried grass basically!” Or maybe that’s just me.

We eventually found ours on sale for $10 each at Target.

Next up, B installed three towel racks. In our inspiration photo, it looks like they used shower support bars to hold up their baskets, but those were $30/each (or $90 for three), and ours were $10/each. Much better.

Then we took black cable ties ($2 for a pack) and used four each. We threaded them through the baskets and then secured them around the towel bar, and cut the excess off. Ta da!

We now have a place to put things like towels and toilet paper, which before were quite literally lounging around on the floor while we figured out a solution to the no-laundry-room quandary. Like I said before, eventually we plan to do major things in this room that will help even more toward alleviating this issue. But more on that when it’s time 🙂