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This past weekend, we got our long-awaited kitchen light in the mail. Unfortunately, things didn’t really work out as planned.

B went to work installing the light, which wasn’t that difficult, and then we flipped on the switch and stood back to take a look.

Verdict? Almost no light. Seriously, it did practically nothing on the let-there-be-light front. And to make matters worse, it was crooked. Noticeably crooked. B fidgeted with it, and then we looked again. Still crooked. Messed with it again, still crooked. We could not get it to hang level. (I wish we’d taken pictures of the drum shade actually hanging, but we were distracted by how downhill things went and forgot.)

So B took the shade off and we pulled out our leveler. Bingo: The metal circular piece that the lamp shade actually rests on wasn’t level. Here’s the leveler sitting on our counter top. As you can see, perfectly level:

Here’s the leveler sitting on the bent piece at the center of the lamp shade:

Um, NOT level. So in other words, our lamp was never going to hang level. And it would drive us both nuts for as long as we lived in this house. No can do.

So we made the decision to return it. We were both pretty bummed because we had a picture in our heads of what this was going to look like, but hey, sometimes you’ve got to roll with it. We’re waiting for our return to hit the bank, and then we’ll be on the lookout for attempt #2.