B has been busy this week. I wish it was me, but B gets all the credit here.

He has continued to work on the progress he and his dad made on clearing out the brush next to our water line. This is the before shot, with B’d dad photo-bombing 🙂

And after a few days of work:

You can see water! It’s progress toward our eventual goal of adding a dock and deck. (B here: 10 years of neglect makes for tree-like trunk-stalk weeds. Not fun.)

Next up, B added some weatherproofing to our attic door:

And installed a new faucet (thanks for the sales, Lowes!), in the guest bathroom. Before:

And after:

Anddddd next, we (yes, I got in on this action) repainted the kitchen a few weekends ago. We’re much happier with this color, Pottery Barn’s Wedgewood Gray. Beginning:



Hmm. I promise there’s more distinction between the two colors in person. We’re not photography experts by any means.

B also fixed the rotted wood on our back fence gate door (you can also see the two hydrangeas, now potted, in this shot):

And (because I haven’t said “and” enough in this post yet), guess what we should be getting in the mail early next week? A light!

That’s right, we’ll finally have something to turn on when we keep flipping that switch on the wall as we go into the kitchen. Hooray!