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Since the day we’ve moved in, we’ve always planned to frost the front windows next to the door. We wanted to keep the light that streams in, but gain some privacy. Finally, we got around to this project this morning, and it was a lot easier and faster than either of us anticipated.

We followed the exact instructions that came with the film, and purchased a Gila brand application kit (for about $5) that came with the squeegie, exacto blade, and the application liquid that you coat the window and film with. We also followed Young House Love’s guide as well.

With one window down, you could really see the difference:

It probably took us about 20 minutes total to do both windows. It went really well and smoothly, and we didn’t have a single problem. Afterward, B joked that maybe we’d found our calling. Husband-and-wife team of window frosters. Imagine what we’d have to charge to afford the bills!