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Hooray, a post with photos! We finally found a frame that would work in the powder room with the art I purchased. A while ago, I bought a set of four notecards from Bailey Doesn’t Bark. I love love love, BDB. So, I took the four notecards, each representing a different season, and framed them.

She actually sells a whole lot of the four seasons collection on different things now. The little plates would have been fun hung on the wall, too!

But back to the powder room. B and I found a frame at Target that we thought would work in the space. I’ve been going back and forth about whether to group them in small frames or one big one. The trouble with grouping them in small frames is that the cards are an odd size to frame–4.25″ x 5.5″. Not really a common frame size, so I would have had to find a frame they would work in (one with a matt to allow for the extra length), or cut them (egh).

But Target pulled through:

The first thing I did was to take the frame apart and remove Target’s “dummy” photos. Then I flipped the glass upside down, so that the glue marks from the dummy pictures were on the outside. I cleaned the glass, and then taped my cards in a straight row (I measured the first one and used it as a guide for the other three) down the center of the glass. Then I put the top piece of glass back over the cards, put it in the frame, and wa-lah! (Then I had to clean off the gunky glue from the back of the glass, but at least it was on the back and not the front.)

Next up for this room will be hanging a mirror, relocating the towel holder and installing the faucet we bought.

* Images of Bailey Doesn’t Bark cards and plates via here.