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On to the guest bath that we redid a couple weekends ago!

Order of operations:

  1. Fill/repair holes/dings in the wall using dry-wall repair or Spackle (also remove the light fixture, which doesn’t work half the time, and the outlet covers).
  2. Sand above spots after the repair gunk (technical term) has dried.
  3. Tape the walls.
  4. Paint the walls. (Behr Ultra Paint and Prime in One in Environmental.)
  5. Let the paint dry.
  6. Him and haw over whether the color is correct.
  7. Go to Target and World Market and find some items that will work with the paint.
  8. Install a new light fixture.(Later, fix the ceiling by touching up the paint.)
  9. Enjoy!

(Hmm. That shower curtain needs to be ironed…)