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We’re tired of the orange foyer. It’s a hard color to photograph, especially with our ever-changing light, but it’s a mix between khaki and orange. It’s a bit dark, and makes the foyer, staircase, and upstairs hall feel much smaller than they are.

This past weekend, we finally decided to tackle it. We thought for a while we would pay for a professional to do this space since the ceilings are pretty tall going up the staircase, but once we got the price quote back we quickly decided we would figure out how to conquer it ourselves.

First up, taping!

And then, the long process of painting began. This was a really large are to paint, and it took a while.

Remember how yellow-khaki this wall used to look?


These photos don’t really do it justice. The color is not as stark white as it looks here. It’s a pale cream, Martha Stewart’s Pip color-matched to Behr Ultra Paint and Prime in One.

The foyer is very challenging to photograph with accurate colors.

It took us two sessions, one doing the foyer and one doing the staircase and upstairs hallway, but we finished it. It took almost three whole gallons to do one coat, and really it needs another coat, but since this is not our long-term plan for this space, we’re going to live with this. The long-term plan is to do board-and-batten in the foyer, staircase, and hallway, a la:

via Pinterest

We really like how this adds character to the space, so we can’t wait to save up and do this ourselves. We’ve already found the instructions and it seems pretty straightforward with some good planning, which we’re pros at 🙂 So, the completed shots of this weekend’s painting extravaganza:

There are some spots that need to be touched up, but like I said, we’re not in a hurry to do it. We’ve already spent enough on paint for this area for the time being! That being said, the space is much more open feeling and livable now. I recommend scrolling up and looking at the before and afters to see the difference!