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Our back door has seen better days. It’s a pretty door, in frame, but it hasn’t been maintained, and the corners, especially the bottom right, are rusting.

So after B’s dad kindly repaired the rust on the frame for us during his last visit, B decided to complete the project and repaint the door.

First up, taping. Scout was endlessly fascinated by this.

It looked pretty neat from the inside, and gave the house a blue tint:

After taping, B unhinged the door and laid it out in the grass. Normally you would put some newspaper or something underneath it to protect your grass, but ours was in need of cutting anyway, so B didn’t bother. (And there wasn’t much wind to speak of, so we weren’t worried about bits of dirt and grass being blown onto the wet paint).

Ta da! Here’s the newly painted door, looking like we just bought it (pretty much):

As you can see in the first photo, it was pretty gross looking. B used Rustoleum in Satin White. Warning: Those fumes are strong! We could even smell them inside once we rehung the door, so it takes some time for that to dissipate. But you’re left with great results. (Yes, that is children’s play chalk on our brick. It’s from the old owners. We still haven’t washed it off. It’s easy to miss if you’re not thinking about it!)