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So if you haven’t noticed, we had a really productive Memorial Day weekend. Yeah, we’re cool like that. Not only did we paint the foyer/hallway area, but B fixed the back door’s rust issues and we worked some more on the powder room. Don’t think we’re work-a-holics here, though. We found time to go to the SEC baseball championship games with a friend (and get sunburned while sitting in the shade, that’s how disgustingly hot it is here), and help said friend move. So we do other things beside the house 🙂 But the house is a lot of it right now.

And the powder room is a big part of that. It’s been more of a project than we anticipated, but we are starting to see things come together. Last Friday I took advantage of a vacation day and painted two walls that were ready with the color we picked out, Benjamin Moore’s Quiet Moments (color-matched to Behr Ultra).

B had the idea to also paint the ceiling. I wasn’t sure, but I’m all about trying things, so I said, Sure, let’s do it. We can always paint it back! That’s the joyous thing about paint. So we painted the ceiling, too, and so far I think it works. The space is sooo small that it does help it blend, whereas before the ceiling kind of stuck out.

Though we ended up painting all four walls, the two walls that  had the glued-on mirror needed more work after the paint dried, so B bought some heavier-duty drywall putty and did some big-time patching. The wall wasn’t smooth enough for me (and I kind of whined and complained until B appeased me. He’s such a good husband). 🙂

He also installed the new light we bought (can you tell Home Depot had good sales this Memorial Day?) to replace the horrible old one that was in there.

It was a challenge to find a light for the space. It couldn’t hang down too far (because then guys that are tall like B would hit their heads), and it couldn’t have a wide base, or it would hit the sprinkler system. So we settled on this one. Affordable while being an upgrade.

The only thing left to do now is sand down the putty once it’s dry and then repaint those areas, hopefully with great results! (The pedestal sink we’re planning to purchase won’t come until later. They’re pricy!)