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As promised, here are the updated kitchen photos after B’s day of painting.

You can see that it’s, well, very blue. Very blue. B loves it. I am…not so sure. I need a little time to digest it and mull it over. And, we need to get the overhead light to go over the dining table, and then we can see what it really looks like.

The boxes in the corner (in the photo above) are all of our fine china. We have nowhere to put it right now. The long-term plan is to get a china cabinet from Ikea or someplace equally as affordable and put it there.

You can see below why we are such fans of using painters’ tape. That’s a straight line!

And you can see below why we hate our counter top and can’t wait to change it out for a new one. It’s pretty stained.

So that’s where the kitchen stands for now. Future purchases will include a light for the table. We’re thinking this one, a fav from West Elm. I’m really liking the drum pendant style right now, and the good thing about this one being plain is that if I ever want to cover it with a pretty fabric, I could do so very easily.