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A little over a week after moving in, and a lot of unpacking later, this is what the living room looked like.

Above is facing the left side. Below is facing the right.

And after a long-time planned trip to Ikea to pick up the couch we have been waiting for them to get in (and were able to get because of a generous donation to the house fund by B’s parents), we finally could swap out those kitchen chairs for a more living-room-appropriate place to sit.

Hooray! You have no idea how much a couch makes a living room feel like a living room until you don’t have one. (For those who are wondering, our old couch, a sleeper sofa, broke. To be more specific, the mechanism inside the couch that supports the sleeper bed when it’s folded up inside the couch broke, so the sleeper bed sits on the floor when it’s folded up. We decided to put that couch in the office since that room is carpeted, because we worried that the metal would scratch the wood floor in the living room.)

Directly next to the couch (to the direct right of where I’m standing while taking the above photo), is this:

Yes, that is the royal couple themselves poking their pretty heads out of that magazine basket. Who didn’t want to be a princess while watching that wedding? This girl right here certainly did.

You can also see through to the kitchen, where B spent Sunday night assembling the other piece we picked up with parental gift funds: a much-needed kitchen island. Amazingly, the pantry we have here is smaller than the one that B rigged at our apartment, so we were at a loss as to where to put the food we have that wouldn’t fit in the pantry. Enter kitchen island. Thankfully the kitchen is plenty big enough to accommodate it. We first measured out the size that each island available were, and the choice was pretty obvious once we saw the sizes.

This isn’t a great photo, but B was standing just to the right working on finishing that side up when I snapped the photo. At any rate, you can see that it has a butcher block top, which we didn’t realize needed so much work when we bought it. We have to sand it down, and then oil it every second day for the next week, then every third day until the wood is saturated, which is says can take up to 2 months! Too late now. We’ve got some oiling in our future.

All that work made for a tired puppy…

Next up on our list of things that actually made some progress, the foyer. Don’t mind the paint splotches. Just color testing. (No decision yet.) That picture looks sadly lonely right now, but this room will develop over time, as they all do.

And finally, the promised shot of B’s handiwork painting the guest room. If only you had seen it beforehand. Yikes!

Zoey is photo-bombing. She did that before to Scout, too. To recap, we painted this room with the leftover paint we had from the living room, Behr Paint-and-Prime in One in Wax Sculpture. The cord is for the television outlet in the room, and the lamp is an old one of ours that we plan to paint and get a new shade for. We like the shape, hate the color.

So that’s your update!