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This was the view from our back porch this morning:

Talk about fog! Aaannndddd this was the view inside the house, in our bedroom:

What a difference! We actually took this photo a few days ago, and since then we have a) moved Scout’s crate to the right side of the room against the wall, in a little nook beside the bedroom door, and b) moved the TV atop the tall dresser you see in the right-hand corner of the picture. This room is a significant increase in size over our last room, which is great and will be really nice once we get to spend some time organizing it. Right now we’re spending all our time in the main living areas since we have family coming in to town in two days. As you can see, we threw up some color swatches to see how the paint we were thinking about looks. We were thinking of paying someone to paint the master because of the vaulted ceilings. We have no idea how we’ll do it ourselves. But the quote from the painter–to do the master and the foyer, which also has some tall ceilings–came back at $600, out of our budget. So, we’re going to research how to do it ourselves (most likely involving renting a seriously tall ladder). At any rate, we love the paint sample we threw up, Behr’s Parachute Silk, so we plan to stick with it whenever we get around to painting.

Also, B went on a home tear yesterday, and managed to get a slew of things checked off our to-do list before company arrives. He…

  1. Replaced the (very old) shower rod in the guest bath with the curved one we already owned.
  2. Replaced the broken toilet paper holder in the guest bath with a new one that his dad kindly bought for us.
  3. Rearranged the furniture in the office so that it fit (the only thing in there right now is my desk and our old couch).
  4. Took a ton of stuff up into the attic.
  5. Hung the curtains in the living room (which caused a hilarious discussion over what length the curtains should hang to the floor. I prefer them to be touching the floor, while what we ended up with is about 1/2-inch above the floor. B thought I was projecting my pants-length hysteria onto the curtains and started laughing his head off–I don’t like short pants. At all. They feel weird to me.)
  6. And the coup de grâce, he painted the guestroom! We had a gallon of paint leftover after painting the living room, and the guestroom was probably the grossest of the rooms, paint wise–the kids had really yucked them up–so we used the leftover gallon and painted the room the same color. It looks really great. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do to make something feel fresh again.