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We’re here. Finally.

To say we were busy this weekend would be an understatement. Here is a brief summary of what we’ve done in the past four days:

1. Friday: moved in. This took, literally, all day. It wasn’t our best experience with movers, but it could have been much worse. So far, nothing we’ve unpacked has been broken (knock on wood), and the scratches that we’ve had to furniture can all be fixed or hidden. (Though it’s a shame we have to do even that after what we ended up paying…) Started to unpack the kitchen.

2. Saturday: Went back to the old apt. to get the last of the stuff that the movers didn’t get (two loads worth). Cleaned the apartment, and turned in the keys. Wohoo! Continued unpacking the kitchen. This is going to be a room-by-room endeavor. B and our friend, L, put together a piece of Ikea furniture that we purchased a week or so ago for the foyer.

3. Sunday: Continued to unpack the kitchen. Seriously, how much kitchen stuff do I have?? B put together the second piece of Ikea furniture we bought (to go behind the couch, since it won’t be against a wall anymore), and he also took down the fan in the living room. Besides being grossly dirty, it didn’t have a light on it, which the room really needed, so we decided to move it to the guest room and put our fan, with lights, up instead. The difference is amazing. The room really needed the added light.

4. Monday: B put the old living room fan up in the guest room (after cleaning it). He also added a light attachment to it, so that the room will have overhead lighting. We worked on unpacking the living room.

With B’s graduation in less than a week (!), we’re feeling a bit of pressure to whip this place into shape, but we realize how impossible that is. We’ve barely even entered the office, guest room, or guest bath since Friday, though we’re guaranteed to go in each at least once, to clean before B’s family arrives. We haven’t even touched our own bedroom and bathroom other than to unpack the essentials. But still, there are little moments that are helping it feel less like we’re playing house in someone else’s place and more like our home. Cooking dinner Sunday and Monday. Hanging a picture on the wall in the foyer. Putting our books back in the shelves. Little by little it’ll come together.