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We forgot to see how B would fit in the showers. It never occurred to us. We didn’t even think of it until yesterday, when we finally got into the house after buying it, and B stepped into the guest bath shower and was a full head above the shower head. We burst out laughing. Then we went to the master bath. Same thing. Seriously, the shower heads reach his collar bones.

So what are we going to do about it? For now B is going to stoop a bit when he showers (sorry, B), and we’re going to mull our options. The best fix would be to have a plumber come in and relocate the shower heads in both rooms, and then we’d patch the dry wall where the old locations were, but that also will cost more. In the meantime, we might check out some shower heads that are “curved” upward and see if those might give us a short-term solution.