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She looks so different without the former occupant’s furniture inside her rooms. So, cavernous. Okay, maybe cavernous is too grand a word, but we’re feeling like she’s sizeably larger without the King Arthur wrought-iron bed in the master and the seat-12-comfortably leather sofa in the living room. (I’m exaggerating. I do that. Except about the bed.)

Without further ado, the casa:

At first I wasn’t that into the idea of a townhouse. I mean, the neighbors are rightthere. But then, I fell in love with the layout and feel of the house, and the fact that there were neighbors on either side kind of faded into the background, and then went away completely.

This was one of my favorite moments of the entire house-purchasing process. About forty minutes after the old owners called to tell us they were out, we rushed over to sing and dance in the hallways and generally act ‘a fool like two kids who just bought their first place (which we are, so we’ve got an excuse). And what did we find waiting for us on the doorstep? Each member of the old family had written their name on a leaf from the bush beside the front door, and left it on the front stoop.

I was really touched. It was like they were saying goodbye to the house, thanking it for all the good times, and welcoming us to it. Definitely a great way to come to your first home for the first time. Good karma from the beginning.

Next up, the foyer.

We love this foyer. Something about it says ‘home’ to us. We plan to paint the walls (they’re currently a solid shade of khaki) and change out the overhead lights (which you conveniently can’t see in that photo) for something more current. Those are the original hardwoods, but the living room at one time had carpet that was ripped up for laminate, so there’s a bit of a disconnect right now when you walk from the foyer to the living room.


The kitchen is right off the foyer, to the right when you walk in. Those double white doors are the laundry room.

The (gas) stove is fairly new, which we’re excited about, while the dishwasher and overhead microwave range is seriously old. We’ve got our fingers crossed they both die this year, while the house is under warranty. Plans for this room include painting (a pale blue) and updating the countertop to a black stone.

Living room:

Straight off the kitchen is the living room, also accessible via the foyer.

I must admit I don’t really like the bulkhead, but they’re necessary sometimes, so oh well. This room is a cheery but kinda weird shade of mint-chocolate-chip ice-cream-green. Yummy, for ice cream, but not my cup of tea for a living room, especially one that gets such spotty light. So we’re going to lighten it up with a nice cream color. Like I said, the floors are laminate, which is great, except that the kitchen and foyer are original hardwoods, so it’s an obvious change when you go into the living room. Way on down the road, we’ll make this all match better.

The living room is a great size, which was a plus for us, since we spend the majority of our time in this and the kitchen.

Also downstairs: a powder room that we’ll talk about later. It’s tucked under the stairs, charming but a bit on the small side, so space must be optimized!


Follow the stairs to find the two other bedrooms, guest bathroom, and the master suite. The two bedrooms are nothing special, one with a dark gray paint and the other a tan color. We’re planning to paint both. They need the update, and the clean, freshness. There is carpet throughout upstairs, and it’s seen better days. Two kids who apparently loved orange Kool-aid (my guess according to the stains) enjoyed these rooms thoroughly and left their marks wherever they went, including the master bedroom. The master bedroom and bathroom are both a dark shade of dragon green:

As you can see, we’re already contemplating what to change it to. It’s not an ugly color, but it’s way too dark for the space and makes the room feel small.

And the best part of the place, the backyard:

B and I were busy with things inside when he noticed a neighborhood kitty jump the fence:

This cat was on a mission, and was in and out of our yard in a flash:

Not that we minded him (or her). We were actually like, “Get the camera! It’s out first neighborhood cat!”

(Yeah, that water thing poking out from the grass is odd. We’re going to have to figure out what to do with that.)

The next wildlife sighting were the ducks and geese, which were out in full force this afternoon. We had the windows open to air out the house while we worked, and we could hear them talking to each other the whole time. Finally we went outside to see where they were, and lo and behold they were camped out on our neighbor’s dock.

We didn’t get much time at the house before we had to head to our apt. and take care of Scout and Zoey, but there’s plenty more time there in our future, of course. She isn’t going anywhere!